Consulting Services


Economic Planning Associates is a widely recognized consulting firm in the capital goods and transportation equipment industries. We provide various levels of consulting services which are tailored to the client's specific needs. These services vary from detailed explanations of data, forecasts, and industry developments in published industry reports to on-demand one-on-one consulting and on-site formal presentations to client management teams.

In order for us to assist you in determining your needs, we are prepared to evaluate your corporate profile, as described in the annual report and mission statement of your company. We can assist you with the task of focusing on the functional areas of your company where we have had experience in providing economic analysis and forcasting.

Our consulting client base includes:
             * Senior Management(CEOs and COOs)
             * Product/market planning executives
             * The investment community (due diligence work)

We serve Senior management with background informaion, forecast and rationale for industry speeches, Board presentations and analysts meetings.

If you are interested in pursuing a consulting relationship with us, please call 631-864-4900 to speak with the Director of Marketing and Client Services, or the President, Peter Toja (Bio).