Overview of Services


Economic Planning Associates is a widely recognized economic and industry consulting firm providing clients with detailed qualitative as well as quantitative assessments of domestic and international economic trends, industry developments, and specific product forecasts.

Our areas of expertise are capital goods in general and the transportation equipment sectors in particular. Quarterly reports are prepared for Rail Cars, Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks, Truck Trailers, and Machine Tools (including analysis of light vehicles, aircraft, farm equipment, and construction machinery). EPA, Inc. also publishes a quarterly Economic Outlook.

Our industry analyses, forecasts, and consulting services are conveyed to our clients via:

 * Quarterly reports
         * Phone consultations between clients and our staff
         * On-site working meetings with clients
         * Formal presentations to client management team

We also prepare special reports for clients in which we combine industry knowledge, individual company and industry performances, and a domestic and international economic framework to develop company and industry specific forecasts and analyses.

Most important, we stand ready to assist planning and marketing managers as well as senior executives with economic and industry perspectives on a daily basis.

Our consulting services include due diligence work for the investment banking community and special reviews for product/market planning executives of industrial firms. We also provide CEOs and COOs with background information, forecasts, and rationale for industry speeches, Board presentations, and analysts meeting.

If we can provide more information concerning our services please call us at 631-864-4900.

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